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WHO warnt vor Ausbreitung des Zika-Virus in Europa in diesem Sommer

In the first risk assessment of Zika transmission in Europe, published Wednesday (18/05/2016), WHO investigated the risk of an outbreak in the region's 53 member states and identified the highest likelihood of transmission to be on the island of Madeira and the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea.
Another 18 countries (33% of the region) were determined to have a moderate likelihood of an outbreak. These countries, in order of likelihood, are France, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Israel, Spain, Monaco, San Marino, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Georgia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

"In [these] countries in the European region, especially in the Mediterranean basin, there is a moderate likelihood of local Zika virus transmission," said Dr. Nedret Emiroglu, director of the Communicable Diseases and Health Security Division,
WHO Regional Office for Europe.

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